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Destiny 2: How to Blink


Destiny 2: How to Blink

How to Blink in Destiny 2

A huge part of Destiny 2’s gameplay is how fluid the movement is as you take on tough enemies both online and off. With double jumps, boost assistance, and sliding, you can take cover quickly and flank enemies to catch them off guard. However, another thing you can do to get the upper hand and become even more mobile is to Blink. The Blink ability is quick teleportation move that can be performed in mid-air to escape danger or reach a better tactical position.

A Blink can only be performed by Warlock Guardians with the Voidwalker Subclass. Once you have unlocked and equipped that Subclass, all you have to do to Blink is press the jump button (X/A) when in the air. When you do so, you will quickly teleport a short distance in the direction you are facing. It essentially acts as the double jump feature for Warlocks with the Voidwalker Subclass and it makes them harder to locate and pin down in combat. It is extremely useful for when you’re surrounded by enemies, or at low health, and need to get away quickly.

There is a second Blink ability to available to Warlocks as well, but it’s only part of the Stormcaller’s Transcendence super, and even then it requires the Attunement of Aions. To use that specific Blink, click in the left thumbstick while you have the super active.

That is how you Blink in Destiny 2. For more on the game, check out our extensive wiki.

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