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Destiny 2: Are There Dead Ghosts?


Destiny 2: Are There Dead Ghosts?

Are There Dead Ghosts in Destiny 2?

One of the ways that players were able to put together the story and background lore of the first Destiny was by locating Dead Ghosts. These small bots who lost their light could be found all over the game (while exploring, on crucible maps, during missions and strikes). So, now that Destiny 2 is here, many returning players are wondering if they’ll have to do some more scouring for these tiny collectibles.

From all the hours we’ve put in and from checking various sources, it seems like the only conclusion to come to is that Dead Ghosts aren’t in Destiny 2. Instead, lore is found on exotics, completing Adventures, and scanning objects scattered throughout all of the planets in the game. You’ll then gain more insight into what’s been happening since the first game, as well as some information about other situations we had no idea about.

As far as collectibles go, it seems you just have gear to look forward to in that regard. Various exotic weapons and armor pieces, ships, sparrows, and tons of shaders await players ready to put some serious hours in. Maybe Bungie will add some more traditional collectibles later on through an update or expansion, maybe they’ll even be Dead Ghosts. But for now, nobody has seen a single one in Destiny 2. We’ll be sure to update this post if one does surface, though.

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