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Destiny 2: All Engram Types


Destiny 2: All Engram Types

All Engram Types in Destiny 2

Just like in the first game, there are several engram types that players can find in Destiny 2. Each one determines the type of reward you can get by decrypting them. It’s important to know which ones have the best gear, but that doesn’t mean the others are useless. Below you’ll find each engram type along with a quick description.

White Engrams (Common) – You’ll only see this kind of engram in regards to gear at the beginning of the game. But, sometimes small white engrams drop in Destiny 2 and these are usually items (consumables mostly). Gear from these engrams have only one perk slot alongside the intrinsic perk.

Green Engrams (Uncommon) – This engram type is what you’ll see the most of. You can get a piece of armor or a weapon of green rarity or higher. They don’t need to be decrytped as they give you your reward immediately upon pick up. These have two extra perk slots alongside your intrinsic.

Blue Engrams (Rare) – This type of engram will be your go tos for a large portion of Destiny 2. They have an intrinsic perk plus three extra slots. They auto decrypt on pick up, but you can sometimes earn actual engrams as rewards for completing quests. Decrytping them has a small chance to give you a Legendary, and an even smaller chance to give you an exotic. Can use Shader and Energy Mods for weapons, and other Mods for armor.

Purple Engrams (Legendary) – Some of the most powerful gear in the game, these weapons also have three perk slots, but tend to have higher power and better intrinsics. These engrams must be decrypted when you pick them up and have a small chance of becoming Exotic. Can use the same Mods as blue engrams.

Yellow Engrams (Exotic) – The best of the best. Each Exotic piece of gear is designed for a specific role and they do their job well. They have four perk slots and powerful intrinsic perks built right in. However, the only mods you can use on weapons are Ornaments, since the weapons are potent enough and specifically designed you can’t add any other perks through modding.

Bright Engrams – These look similar to white engrams but are a bit more… glittery. These can only be decrypted by Tess Everis and contain many different types of rewards. You can get Ghosts, Shaders, Mods, Ships, Sparrows, Ornaments, stylish armor sets, and emotes. You can purchase this type of engram in Destiny 2 using Silver, a premium currency obtained through microtransactions, or by leveling up past level 20.

Now that you know about every type of engram you can come across in Destiny 2, get out there and make them your own.

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