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Destiny 2: All EDZ Region Chest Locations


Destiny 2: All EDZ Region Chest Locations

All EDZ Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

Opening chests is great in Destiny 2. Whether it’s one you just find tucked away in the corner of one of the game’s planets, or one that drops as a reward for completing a Public Event, waiting to see what’s inside is an exciting moment. Each of Destiny 2’s planets has a bunch of Region Chests that are actually marked on your map as those cross-looking icons. Of course, just because you’re stood right next to the marker on your map doesn’t mean you’re going to find it easily. So let us run you through all of the EDZ Region Chest locations in Destiny 2.

All Trostland, EDZ Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

  • For the first one, make your way to the broken down school bus from the travel point. Head past it and go down the path toward the back of the building that looks all dilapidated. Jump up here and you’ll find the Region Chest waiting for you.
  • Once you’ve grabbed the first one, return to the school bus and seek out the building with a massive hole in it and a bunch of rubble on the floor. Jump up into the building and then through the hole in the ceiling. The region chest is tucked away up in the corner.

All Outskirts, EDZ Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

  • Coming down the winding path from Trostlands, you’ll see a Region Chest icon on your map just on the right as you enter the Outskirts. As you come down the ramp, take an immediate right and head into the building by the truck. Go into the back room of this building to find this chest.
  • Exit the building by the truck and follow the long building to your right to the opposite end. The very end is practically missing, allowing you to jump inside. Take down the enemies waiting here and keep jumping up to the top level of the building.
  • After grabbing that last one, jump out of the building the way you came and head south west towards the remaining cross icon on your map. You’ll come to a bridge. Jump down and you’ll find a small cave entrance in the rocks nearby. Head inside to find the last Region Chest in the Outskirts.

All Winding Cove, EDZ Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

  • Keep heading west from the Outskirts and follow it until you reach Winding Cove. All three of the Region Chests here are located on the northernmost wall, so head into this cove area right by all of the markers. Starting with the eastern-most Region Chest marker, simply look for some rocks that look like stairs among the trees. Follow these up as high as you can and they’ll eventually lead you to a chest hiding behind a mossy rock.
  • Head as close as you can to the northernmost marker on your map. You should see a crashed ship among the trees. Jump up on the rock to your left, and head towards it. Go underneath the ship and to your right is a convenient path of ledges allowing you to get to the crash location. You’ll find this Region Chest next to the ship.
  • Nearby the last chest, you’ll spot a bridge. Head to this and look underneath it to find the last of the Winding Cove chests on Destiny 2’s EDZ.

All Firebase Hades, EDZ Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

  • Once you reach the Firebase, head to the very far west wall where the building is and look for a ledge jutting out of the building. Jump up onto the lower level, and use this to head up to the platform jutting out. The Region Chest is waiting for you here.
  • Now, head to the chest map marker in the center of Firebase Hades. Look for a ramp that leads you inside the base and you should find yourself in a room with a hologram in the middle of the room. Jump up to the ledge where the Psions were shooting at you to find this chest.
  • Finally, head to the marker on the north east side of Firebase Hades. You should find a tree lying up a slope. Head up this, jump onto the rocks above, and then head back across the up to the corner of the cliff. The chest is waiting for you here.

All The Gulch, EDZ Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

  • From the fast travel point in The Gulch, head to the Region Chest map marker on the south wall nearby the Lost Sector icon. Here, you’ll find a bridge. Drop down and keep an eye out for the Lost Sector symbol painted on a mossy rock. Jump up and over the cave entrance to the left of it and up a slope. Keep jumping until you see another cave entrance on your right. Head inside to grab this Region Chest.
  • Exit the cave and back onto the slope you were just scaling. Right in front of you, you should see a ledge. Scale the rocks surrounding it and clamber up to find another cave with a Region Chest inside.
  • Next, you want to head north until you find a huge tunnel in the cliff-face. Just to the right of this look for some strange looking machine on a hill. From here, jump up on the rocks into the trees going back towards the tunnel. Follow this round and it’ll bring you to a cave with the chest inside.

All The Sludge, EDZ Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

  • Head to the fast travel point and turn around to find a waterfall in the wall. Jump through the waterfall to find a Region Chest hiding away inside a cave.
  • Make your way back to the fast travel point and head south. Look for a building with the entire front side missing. Jump up onto the higher ledge up the rubble and head through the door. Make your way to the shipping container and from here, jump up to the level above to find the next chest.
  • Finally, head to the southernmost icon on your map just to the south of the Lost Sector map icon. Look out for a yellow and white building and head into the hole in the side of the wall. The chest is tucked away here.

All Sunken Isles, EDZ Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

  • Make your way to the fast travel point and simply head for the Region Chest marker on your map straight over to the west. This chest is literally right by the water and is incredibly easy to find.
  • Next, head south and through the main entrance (Echion Hold) into the Echion building. Jump up onto the ledge on your right once you’ve entered past the Red Legion flags. Hidden behind some Kabal machinery is this Region Chest.
  • The very last of the EDZ’s Region Chests isn’t too far from the one we’ve just guided you to. Head back out into the entrance area and go deeper into Echion. Once you come out of this underpass, you’ll find yourself in a larger open area. Using the containers immediately to your left, jump up on top of the underpass you’ve just come out of. Run directly across it and keep running straight on into the dirt that’s piled up against the wall. Here, in the very corner, you’ll find the final Region Chest in Destiny 2’s EDZ.

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