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Cuphead: Can You Change the Difficulty?


Cuphead: Can You Change the Difficulty?

Can You Change the Difficulty in Cuphead?

Cuphead is not an easy game by any means. Each level requires precision and for the player to learn all of the mechanics that revolve around the environment and the boss fight. Thankfully, for those who just want to experience the game and no tear their hair out (or chuck a controller across the room) there is a way to change the difficulty… at least for the boss levels.

There are two three types of levels in Cuphead: Mausoleums, Run ‘n’ Gun, and Bosses. Mausoleums and Run ‘n’ Gun levels cannot have their difficulty altered. However, bosses give two options: Simple and Regular. Regular is the standard, unforgiving difficulty. While Simple removes a lot of the challenge just so you can get a feel for the game. Once you make your choice, the level will start.

Do note, however, that playing all the levels on Simple will block you from going to the final encounters. You must beat every boss on Regular in order to truly beat Cuphead. So use the Simple difficulty to practice, and then tackle each one on Regular in order to get the most out of the game.

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