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Bungie Confirms Destiny 2’s Unlock Time, Launch Date for Trials and Raid

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Bungie Confirms Destiny 2’s Unlock Time, Launch Date for Trials and Raid

Get ready Guardians

For anyone chomping at the bit for Destiny 2’s release next week, Bungie has confirmed a few key details for the game’s launch. Destiny 2’s servers will apparently go live right when the game launches at, so you’ll be able to play at 12AM EST on September 6. Of course if you live in a country outside of the U.S., it won’t unlock until 12AM your time. Although the game won’t unlock until its launch day, users on Xbox One and PS4 are able to start preloading the game right now.

Bungie also shared some details on when the first raid for Destiny 2 will unlock, in addition to Nightfall Strikes and Trials. The Raid itself will be available starting at 10AM PT on September 13. Trials meanwhile will hit Destiny 2 on September 15, also at 10AM. The good news is that you’ll have plenty to occupy your time as the Nightfall Strikes will be available at the game’s launch. Of course, Bungie has been very secretive about what player’s will experience in Destiny 2’s first raid, and you can expect that to stay the same until close to when it releases.

The final piece of info is that Destiny 2’s Guided Games system won’t be available at launch either. The system is a new way for clans and solo players to join events like raids, letting each type of player open up their matchmaking to the other. Bungie hopes that this will help alleviate matchmaking issues from the first game, but Guided Games won’t hit until September 12 at 10am, as part of a “soft beta,” which you can see below.

  • Nightfall Guided Games Beta: September 12th, 10AM
    • 30-50% of players will be given seeker access, depending on clan participation in Destiny 2 during the first week.
  • Nightfall and Raid Guided Games: September 26th, 10AM
    • Target: 100% of players will be given seeker access.

There’s plenty more info on Destiny 2 in the post from, from new merchandise to info on clans. Make sure to head over to the page if you want even more information.

Destiny 2 officially launches on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC version is also on the way, and will release on September 24.



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