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Sonic Mania: How to Unlock and Turn Into Super Sonic


Sonic Mania: How to Unlock and Turn Into Super Sonic

How to Unlock and Turn Into Super Sonic

Sonic Mania is a true follow up to the classic Genesis games. Like any Sonic game worth its salt, Sonic Mania features the Chaos Emeralds and allows the blue blur to turn into Super Sonic, provided he can collect all seven. In order to unlock and turn into Super Sonic, you’ll need to first collect all seven of these Chaos Emeralds.

To do that, you’ll need to search for the big rings on each act, which when you enter them, will transport you to a special stage. You don’t need to start with Green Hill Zone and work from there, but you can only use a big ring once, and you’ll have to find another somewhere else in order to re-enter the special stage.

You’ll need to follow a course that is littered with blue spheres, rings, and traps. There is a UFO that is carrying the Chaos Emerald and you need to catch it. In order to do that, you need to build up enough speed by gathering as many Blue Spheres as you can. Once you reach the fastest mach speed indicated on the top center meter on your screen, you’re fast enough to catch the UFO. Try to not careen off of the path, look for short cuts, and catch the UFO and get the Chaos Emerald. Once you have all seven, you can then turn into Super Sonic in-game.

In order to turn into him, you need to collect at least 50 rings. After that, just jump and hit the jump button again while in the air to morph into him. You’ll now be completely invincible, aside from falling into bottomless pits and being crushed. You’ll also run much faster and will be able to blaze through acts like never before.

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