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Slime Rancher: Is There Multiplayer?


Slime Rancher: Is There Multiplayer?

Does Slime Rancher Have Multiplayer?

Slime Rancher has emerged from early access as a pretty solid game, with players enjoying the Slime-wrangling action on both Xbox One and PC. With the full release now out for all to try, some players may be wondering if Slime Rancher has a multiplayer mode so you can wrangle Slimes with friends.

Unfortunately, according to a statement over on the official FAQ from the development team, there are no plans to add this functionality to Slime Rancher. This is because the team is still small and to bring this feature to this kind of game would be a long and arduous process for a team of four (formerly two). You can read the full explanation below.

Since we’re seeing a lot of requests for a multiplayer feature from all our new (and awesome/handsome/beautiful) players, we thought it would be a good idea to address it.

Most of Slime Rancher’s development was done by two people (we’re four now, thanks to your support!) so a lot of decisions were made early on to allow two developers to make a game in a realistic timeframe. One of those decisions was multiplayer vs singleplayer.

Multiplayer is inherently more complicated and time-consuming to develop. And the hundreds of physics-enabled slimes bouncing around on screen needing to be in sync across two or more clients is a fantastically difficult problem to solve. So we decided to focus on solid single player experience.

For this reason we currently have no plans for multiplayer. However, anything is possible in the future if we continue to see the same level of wonderful support from players as we do now. So thanks for everything so far!

So in short, multiplayer is not ruled out, but we can’t promise it either. And it is worth restating that with all of the physics in Slime Rancher it’s a very hard problem. Slime Rancher is a very unconventional game and multiplayer support would require a very creative solution.

While there is some hope that the team could bring multiplayer to Slime Rancher should support from fans for the game remain positive, it’s not looking promising for now. Of course, if an announcement is made, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

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