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PUBG: How to Check Stats


PUBG: How to Check Stats

How to Check Stats in PUBG

In PUBG, players can track their stats to review different figures of interest such as ratios, win percentages, and total number of kills. These statistics are not viewed in-game. Instead, there is a web page that tracks and compiles all the information.

The information can be viewed at

Back in May 2017, new stats were added to PUBG to allow players to review Per Game information. This is handy because obviously, not everyone can play the game 24/7, so by looking at your stats on a per game level, it’s a lot easier to see how you perform. You can even now see which regions of the map you frequent most. Things such as this can be useful for helping to work out strengths and weaknesses in your game plan. If you’ve had a bad run of form, you might want to look at changing where you start out on the map.

Note that some statistics are totaled eg. kills and deaths. Others are averaged such as average time survived.

That is everything you need to know about how to check stats in PUBG. For more tips and guides on the game, be sure to check our ever expanding wiki page.

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