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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Cave Marrow Easily


No Man’s Sky: How to Get Cave Marrow Easily

An important element for crafting.

How to Get Cave Marrow Easily in No Man’s Sky

Prior to No Man’s Sky’s update 1.3, Cave Marrow was known as Antrium. This exotic material is a key ingredient for crafting Voltaic Cells, which is used to construct essential base building materials such as exocrafts, beacons, and galactic trade terminals. More importantly, gathering Cave Marrow is required to progress through No Man’s Sky’s new Atlas Rises narrative.

Cave Marrow may look different from planet to planet due to the No Man’s Sky’s procedural generation. However, it is easily distinguishable by its small, flower-like appearance and can be easily seen due to the bright light it emits.

In No Man’s Sky’s universe, Cave Marrow is found in exotic plants called Marrow Bulb, which can be found on any planet regardless of environment and are often spawned inside caves or near shaded spaces. No advanced gear is needed to harvest Marrow Bulbs with a mining laser, and each plant harvested yields around 10 materials. Marrow Bulbs sell for around 40 units in the Galactic Market in No Man’s Sky.

Gathering Cave Marrows is part of the gathering quests in No Man’s Sky’s Atlas Rises narrative, which doubles as a tutorial for introducing all of the new features added since the Foundation Update in Nov. 2016. One of the longest quests in the new narrative is the base-building focused Mind-Arc quest, which is the only way to get important blueprints and advanced equipment for acquiring essential materials to progress the story. The Mind-Arc quest has plenty of fetch quests, which includes gathering Cave Marrows.

Upon creating a Science Terminal and assigning a Korvax scientist, it will task players to acquire 30 pieces of Cave Marrow. While the quest only requires 30 pieces of Cave Marrows, it’s best for players to acquire as much as they can because it is a key ingredient in crafting. After gathering 30 pieces, players must travel back to the scientist to ensure its completion. Some players are reportedly encountering a bug that prevents the Korvax scientist from accepting the Cave Marrows, and workarounds for this include toggling the Scientific Research quest on the log page or deleting and reconstructing a Scientific Terminal.

That’s the basics of getting Cave Marrows. Check our ultimate guide for more tips on where to acquire various resources and anything No Man’s Sky-related.


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