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5 Madden 18 QBs That Are Way Too Underrated


5 Madden 18 QBs That Are Way Too Underrated

These players deserve a little more respect.

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Eli Manning, Giants – 80

Eli Manning has had a tumultuous career in the regular season. He’s got that Brett Favre gene where he’s not afraid to sling it in places where he has no business putting the ball and seeing if he somehow pulls it off. Because of this, despite usually having decent TD and yardage numbers, his interception numbers are often among the highest in the league. Despite that though, since Ben McAdoo joined the Giants as a coordinator and eventually the head coach, Eli has improved his accuracy quite a bit. Let’s also not forget he’s one of the most clutch QBs of all time when it matters most.

More offensive than Manning’s 80 rating, though, are the QBs that are higher rated than a two-time Superbowl champ that has literally never missed a game since taking over the starting position: Dak Prescott, Sam Bradford, Ryan Tanehill, and Andy Dalton, also known as Mr. “Couldn’t Win A Big Game If’ His Life Depended On It” in Madden 18. Manning is not a top five QB by any stretch of the imagination but he’s certainly better a second year QB that succeeded mostly thanks to having an elite RB and offensive line, two guys who wouldn’t stay upright even if you taped them to the goal post, and Andy freaking Dalton.

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