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Everybody’s Golf: How to Fish


Everybody’s Golf: How to Fish


As seems to be popular with games this year, Everybody’s Golf has its own fishing mini game that you can use as a distraction from the actual golfing. However, the ability to catch fish isn’t actually unlocked from the beginning of the game. You will see fishing locations in Open Courses online and in your Home Area but you will not be able to interact with them until you have defeated the old fisherman in a round of golf.

Kato is the second VS character in Rank 4 and defeating him will allow you to start fishing and collecting some of the 68 species of fish in the game.

To fish, head to the person attending the stand by a fishing location. Here, you can rent fishing items with coins, such as a rod and bait. Then, head to the body of water with fish signs nearby and cast your rod out with the X button. You can also hold down the button to cast further out into the water. When you feel a pull or the lure sinks, press X at the right moment – the best timing is when the lure sinks to its deepest point. Then, once you’re notified of the bite, hit X repeatedly to reel in. If you do so fast enough, you will catch something successfully. You will find different fish in each area so be sure to explore all of the courses.

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