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ARK Survival Evolved: How to Unlock Ragnarok Ark


ARK Survival Evolved: How to Unlock Ragnarok Ark

How to Get Ragnarok Ark in ARK: Survival Evolved

The Ragnarok Ark is an expansive 144 sq. kilometer environment featuring an active volcano, and it adds all-new species and dungeons to the ARK: Survival Evolved’s standard features. Those who have tried to play the map might have been disappointed to discover the game stating that “You Need To Ascend Before Accessing This Ark.” There is a trick to unlocking this map that requires you to input a special command.

In order to unlock Ragnarok Ark, first, bring up the console commands needed for this. This is achieved by doing the following:

PS4 – Pause then hold together – L1, R1, Square, Triangle.
Xbox One – Access pause menu, hold together – LB, RB, X, Y.
PC – Press the Tab key to pull up the admin console. Pressing Tab again brings up a larger version of the console on the top half of the screen.

You will then see an admin command bar appear at the top of the screen. This bar will remain here even if you exit out of options but will disappear if left too long. If it does so, just input the same procedure as before.

In the command bar, type: playercommand Ascend2 – note, you must make sure to use a capital letter for “Ascend”, otherwise the admin bar will not recognize the command. If you are on somebody else’s server, you will need to write “cheat” before “playercommand”.

Once you have written the command into the bar, simply execute the command and Ragnarok Ark will commence.

That is everything you need to get Ragnarok Ark to unlock. ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One now. If you need more help with the game, let us know how we can help in the comments below. Otherwise, you can use our search bar to find the guide for yourself, if you’d prefer.

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