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Absolver: How to Find and Beat Jinn Mesca


Absolver: How to Find and Beat Jinn Mesca

How to Find and Beat Jinn Mesca in Absolver

Jinn Mesca is sort of a hidden sub-boss in Absolver. After defeating Kuretz in the Colosseum, you will find a mysterious gate asking you to seek out Jinn Mesca. Unlike any of the other sub-bosses (the Marked Ones, Kuretz, Cargal, and Kilnor) this individual doesn’t appear on the map at all. So you’re pretty much left to your own devices.

If you search online, you may see some saying that this individual can appear anywhere in the world. We’re not entirely sure if that’s the case, but what we do know is that every time we’ve encountered Jinn Mesca in Absolver, it’s been in the exact same spot (we beat this boss three time to see if that would make it spawn elsewhere, yet it was the same place each time). The spot was the end of the hill just after the barn where you fight the dastardly boss duo of Cargal and Kilnor. Since we encountered the foe there so many times, it might be worth checking out, just remember it’s the Adalian Columbary located on the northern side of the world.

If you get lucky enough to find Jinn easily, beating this foe is a whole other issue entirely. Jinn Mesca uses the Stagger Combat Style (drunken fist), and is part of a side quest to unlock the style for yourself. While this style doesn’t offer any absorb, time slowing, or parry abilities, it’s incredibly tricky to read, but don’t worry, the first part of the fight is easy.

Jinn Mesca will charge at you with punches and kicks, but don’t try to dodge, as they’re difficult to time. Instead, block and strafe away whenever you have a chance. When Jinn is done, go in with some attacks of your own, but don’t get too greedy, there’ll come a time to be extra aggressive in a few minutes. Continue to whittle away at this Absolver foe’s health until it’s down to about 20%. At this point, he’ll pull out a blade, and that’s when things get crazy. Remember that one Star Wars scene where Yoda gets crazy with his lightsaber? This is a lot like that. If you leave Jinn unchecked, he’ll kill you in a matter of seconds. Go on the offensive and just keep attacking until he drops the sword. Now pick up that sword and kill him (blocking won’t save him since you have a weapon).

It’s a tough fight, but with a bit of patience and that burst of aggressiveness near the end, you’ll be fine.

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