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Absolver Boss Guide: How to Beat Kuretz


Absolver Boss Guide: How to Beat Kuretz

How to Beat Kuretz in Absolver

Kuretz is one of the bosses you must face off against in Absolver before you can gain access to the Tower of Adal and subsequently the final boss in the game. He’s a cool looking fellow, with spiky hair and grayish armor, and he appears to use the Kahlt Method combat style which allows him to absorb your attacks, essentially canceling them out. However, he’s not as difficult as he seems as long as you don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed.

One thing to note about Kuretz is that while he appears to have a lot of Stamina (he can pull off some pretty large combos), he doesn’t use it to block all that often, allowing you to easily whittle away his health. The biggest threat you’ll face are the additional fighters who Kuretz has mind controlled. They’re just like other enemies you’ve come across in Absolver, only they have much smaller health pools, something you should use to your advantage.

For every enemy you defeat, you regain a decent portion of your health back in the game, so you can use Kuretz’s minions to keep your health topped up while you whittle away at his health. Try to keep them limited to around two or three, though. Any more and you may find yourself stun-locked as they each throw jabs in quick succession, quickly depleting your health bar. However, leaving just a couple means you’ll always have healing when you need it (they die in 2-3 basic hits), and they can sometimes randomly hit Kuretz for you (which we found to be quite funny).

Keep rotating around Kuretz, and dodge when he comes in for the attack. This leaves him open for a quick combo. Don’t get greedy though, as he’ll absorb around the third hit and punish you for overreaching. Just rinse and repeat, taking out any extra fighters as they spawn in. Once you get him on really low health, go in for the kill and use any shield breaking alternate moves you may have. Once he’s down, the fight’s over.

That’s all there is to it. Good luck on your Absolver boss fight, and for more on this game keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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