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Top 7 Best Free Games on PS4 You Can Play Right Now


Top 7 Best Free Games on PS4 You Can Play Right Now

Our picks of the bunch.

Best Free PS4 Games


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Since DOTA kicked things off back in the mid 2000s, the multiplayer online battle arena genre has exploded, and there’s been a host of copycat titles cashing in on the craze.

It has, however, remained a largely PC-centric genre, and only recently have full-scale MOBAs started to appear on console. Smite is one such game: a full-scale MOBA port from PC that works surprisingly well with a gamepad.

Smite is, for all intents and purposes, identical in gameplay design to its other DOTA-likes, albeit played from a third-person perspective. Two teams of five select heroes from a large roster and face off in a three-lane arena.

Minions called creeps run down these lanes, pushing towards the enemy base with you. The ultimate objective is to destroy the enemy base at the other side.

What makes Smite unique is that it features gods and mythological beings from human history, rather than fantasy. There are over 75 playable characters, spanning Greek, Roman, Hindu, Norse, Egyptian, and other ancient cultures.

Plenty of flair has been added to their interpretation and each gets a sweet victory animation to give them personality.

Refreshingly, Smite features no “pay-to-win” microtransactions. All skills are available for each character from the start, and paywalls are limited to aesthetic options only.

You can’t select all the characters, though, but Smite does constantly rotate who is and who is not available, so you should be able to cycle through everyone for free.

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