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The Sims 4: How to do the Disney Princess Challenge


The Sims 4: How to do the Disney Princess Challenge

And they all lived happily ever… er… well, they all lived anyway.

How to do the Disney Princess Challenge

Once upon a time, a magical phenomenon swept over The Sims 4 community. Sims everywhere were being created with the sole purpose of reimagining some of Disney’s classic princesses. That’s right, one of the most popular Sims 4 challenges has people following storylines that are inspired by Disney icons. It has spread like wildfire throughout the community with many Sims 4 players sharing their Disney-inspired creations online. If you’re eager to join the movement and see if you can lead your Sims to their happily ever after (or at least as happy as the challenge will allow), just follow these challenge rules for each of your Sim generations.

Generation 1: Snow White

Your Disney Princess journey will start with Snow White. These will be rather humble beginnings that start when Snow White is a Teenager. Players will have the option of creating an evil stepmother to accompany their new Disney teen but it’s not considered a mandatory part of the challenge. It is, however, highly recommended. After all, Snow White’s wicked stepmother was a key part of her story and who can pass up the opportunity to make a Sim that looks like the Evil Queen?

The other requirements for your Snow White story are:

  • Ensuring your Snow White Sim is a female
  • Have her live with seven children who will represent the seven dwarfs from the series. You will also need to make sure each child has a bad trait that will represent which dwarf they are
  • Make sure all the dwarves have the same father
  • Each of the dwarves must complete their Aspiration or receive an A in school
  • The final requirement, and this one is pretty fun, you have to make sure Snow White never answers the door for strangers and she can’t talk to any elderly women (and we all know why)

Generation 2: Cinderella

Up next will be the classic beauty of the ball—Cinderella. Of course, you won’t be recreating her fantastic night dancing with the prince and gracefully tripping out of her glass slipper. Your Sim will be based on Cinderella’s early life instead. Despite having a full house of siblings, your Cinderella Sim was always the one stuck with the dirty work. Whether it was cleaning the house or cooking for everyone, the chores were always your job. Your Cinderella story begins when this princess becomes a Teenager.

The requirements for this story are:

  • Cinderella must have both the Neat and Foodie traits
  • This Sim must also clean the house every day and be responsible for cooking every meal in the house
  • Can’t have any more than three children
  • Cinderella also can’t get married until the mother dies although it’s not required that this death comes from natural causes. Nobody is forcing you to have that kind of patience but you just can’t use any cheats to kill Cinderella’s mother once you do get a little tired of waiting for her to kick the bucket. Hey, The Sims gets dark sometimes.

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