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Splatoon 2: How to Use Sub Weapons and Throw Grenades


Splatoon 2: How to Use Sub Weapons and Throw Grenades

Bombs away.

Using Sub Weapons and Grenades in Splatoon 2

Every weapon you buy in Splatoon 2 comes with its own special sub weapon, which is usually a bomb or a grenade of some sort. Needless to say, these can be very useful when it comes to inking large areas, or trying to destroy a group of enemies clustered together.

When your ink canister is full, simply press the R button on your Switch to have the inkling toss the bomb. Grenades will land wherever your reticle is pointed at the time. There are a few different types of sub weapons and grenades, so when you’re choosing your main weapon type, make sure the sub weapon fits your play style as well. There are suction bombs that will stick to any surface you throw them on, exploding after a few seconds, and there are auto bombs, which will travel a short distance by themselves while covering narrow areas with ink before exploding. And there are also more traditional grenades that explode upon impact.

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About Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is the follow-up to Splatoon, the inky shooter game released on the Wii U two years ago. Take control of a kid, splat your enemies with ink, and transform into a squid whenever you feel like it.

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