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These Rocks Look Hyper Realistic Thanks to the Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine, 4K, HD

These Rocks Look Hyper Realistic Thanks to the Unreal Engine

Hey kids, wanna check out these 4K, Ultra HD rocks?

In the world of video games, industry giants, developers, and fans often talk about graphics and the quality of them. Afterall, that’s one of the things that makes video games so great. Seeing your favorite characters in 4K Ultra HD, being transported into immersive stories with expertly motion-captured faces, and dealing out a lot of damage while running a smooth 60 frames per second. And, with the help of the Unreal Engine, one artist is reminding us that the future of gaming is very bright and so convincing that you could think this was filmed, not created.

Yes, those rocks are the product of Twitter user @artbyrens, and they are beautiful. Without the description of what it is you are watching, you could easily mistake these computer generated shots for the real thing. And it’s not just the rocks themselves, but the environment, lighting, motion, all of what makes gaming and immersion great is demonstrated in a short minute and 57 seconds, spelling out a bright future for video games, especially any players that will be picking up the Xbox One X, PlayStation Pro, or have or are building a PC that can handle these super smooth graphics and, well, damn impressive rocks. To think in 2017, the internet would be losing its mind over something that sounds so simple.

“Yo, did you see those good looking rocks?”

Yes internet, we did. And they truly are glorious.

You can check out more from Art By Rens on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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