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Mages of Mystralia Has a Release Date for PlayStation 4 Confirming a Console Release


Mages of Mystralia Has a Release Date for PlayStation 4 Confirming a Console Release

Magic lovers, prepare for adventure!

PC gamers have already had a chance to play Mages of Mystralia, the title releasing this past May. But now the action/adventure RPG is on its way to PlayStation 4. The game will be available Aug. 22, a little less than a month from now and only about three months since its initial release. Not too bad of a wait if it’s a title you’ve been wanting to pick up.

If you don’t know about it, Mages of Mystralia is the story of Zia, a young girl who has only just discovered her ability for magic. As players follow Zia through her journey, they will be able to change and enhance their casting abilities as well as create their own spells. Dan Adelman explained the spell system in the PlayStation Blog post announcing the game’s release date.

Here’s how it works. When you begin the game, you are introduced to the four spell categories: Immedi (for close range spells like melee attacks), Actus (which creates orbs that persist over some amount of time), Creo (for conjuring spells), and Ego (for spells that affect yourself).

Currently, Mages of Mystralia is $24.99 through Steam and should be the same when it releases on PS4 this August. However, although it is stated to be heading to the Xbox One, there is no confirmed date for the game’s arrival on the Microsoft system.

There is no new trailer to accompany the announcement of Mages of Mystralia, but if you aren’t sure what the game is about or are looking for a peek into the soon multi platform title, you can watch the original launch trailer below.

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