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Fortnite: How to Send Friend Codes


Fortnite: How to Send Friend Codes

How to Send Friend Codes in Fortnite

Fortnite will officially be released as a free-to-play game in 2018 but if you decided to partake in the paid early access, you may also be the recipient of some pretty cool gifts. Fortnite dishes out a variety of free perks and rare drops for players who paid to play the game early and they want to get your friends in on the action as well. If you purchased the Super Deluxe or Limited Edition versions of Fortnite, you would have received one or two friend codes respectively.

These friend codes are quite a deal considering the code will give your friend a full standard edition of the game. While both of these bundles include friend codes, however, they don’t include step-by-step instructions on how to actually give the code to a friend. Where you’ll actually find the instructions are in the store where you purchased Fortnite but we’re here to streamline the whole process for you.

To give our your friend codes, you’ll need to access the main in-game menu. Underneath the Boosts option, you’ll see a button labeled Friend Codes! It’ll also tell you how many of the codes you have available. Keep in mind that the Friend Codes won’t appear until after you have opened the loot packs and completed the tutorials in the beginning. Once you select the Friend Codes! option the game will automatically open up a list of your friends and you’ll be able to select a lucky friend from there to give a free standard version of Fortnite to.

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