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Destiny 2: How to Fix All Error Codes and Common Issues


Destiny 2: How to Fix All Error Codes and Common Issues

Destiny 2 Beta: How to Fix All Error Codes and Common Issues

Destiny 2 is giving players their first taste of the new and improved Destiny gameplay with a Beta this week. But that also means a taste of the nasty side of online gaming: error codes and other issues. You need to be connected to Destiny 2’s servers at all times in order to play (whether it’s alone or with friends) and that means problems can arise ranging from simple glitches to you not being able to log in at all. Don’t worry, though, most, if not all, of the error codes and issues have simple explanations, and none should completely block you from accessing the game.

Can’t Log In Due to Error Codes – While we don’t have the names of the new error codes yet (though you can expect an eclectic assortment of animal names), these can be overcome by either waiting or just restarting the app. This happens to be the case with the ‘Termite’ error code that a number of Guardians are being faced with. Simply keep trying to log in and you’ll eventually be able to log in and enjoy the action.

Moose Error Code – If you’re being faced with the Moose error code while playing the Destiny 2 Beta, you’ll have noticed that the game describes it as a “general networking error.” If you keep being greeted by this error code, simply close the application and restart it.

Weasel Error Code – Unfortunately, this one seems to be appearing most when players are trying to complete activities or check out their gear. It’s sending them back to Orbit and claiming there is also a “general networking error.” For this one, try restarting your console and your router to see if a reset can fix the issue. If not, you may want to try using a wired connection or looking into your NAT Type. If it’s Strict, you’ll want to change this to Open, as a strict NAT can cause problems when trying to play online.

Error While Playing – You can sometimes be disconnected from the game entirely, even when you’ve already successfully logged in. This is due to Bungie running tests to prepare for the full release. Simply log back in.

Kicked While Entering Crucible – Another server issue that simply requires you trying again.

Placed at Beginning When Starting an Activity In Progress – There’s really no way to fix this one. If your team enters the boss area, you should be pulled in. But if not, you’ll have to make the long trek or back out and hope it spawns you in the right area.

Guns Aren’t Killing Things The Way You Want Them To – You can expect this issue fairly often depending on what type of weapons you like. This is directly tied to the balancing of the game, something that is still being worked on. You can still make your issues known on the forums, but know that none of the weapons or abilities are in their final state of power.

Bungie is fine-tuning everything so you can have a smoother experience when Destiny 2 finally releases on consoles on Sept. 6.

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