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Destiny 2: Countdown Multiplayer Tips and Tricks


Destiny 2: Countdown Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Destiny 2: Countdown Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Destiny 2 is introducing a lot of new elements, mechanics, features, and modes to the universe, and one of those happens to be a brand-new multiplayer mode to dive into within the Crucible (sure the Tower is destroyed, but Guardians still need to practice, right?). This mode is a 4v4 attack and defend match and the first team to five points wins. You’ll take turns seeking to plant a bomb somewhere on the map, or looking to defuse one. Countdown in Destiny 2 uses elimination rules meaning that if you’re killed, then you can’t just respawn. However, you can be revived which keeps a healthy level of strategy in play at all times.

The new mode can be challenging as it can be fast paced at times or really tense. Also, the new subclasses introduced in this sequel really change how Guardians can leverage their class’ unique abilities. To help all of you budding warriors out, we’re providing a few tricks to keep you on top of your game.

When Possible, Play With Friends to Build a Solid Team

Destiny 2: Countdown Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

This isn’t to say that strangers aren’t cool. In fact, playing Crucible with a total group of unknowns in Destiny 2 is quite fun and offers a different type of challenge. But for Countdown, team makeup is much more important than it often is in other modes such as Control or Clash. As we mentioned before, this is an elimination match with objectives, so you’ll want to be able to have a solid strategy that can be adjusted on the fly. This is very difficult to do without any coordination, especially when it comes to what subclasses you and your Fireteam will actually be bringing into the match.

A team setup that I personally like is one Titan, two Warlocks, and one Hunter. You can go two Hunters and one Warlock if you prefer, as it doesn’t change the dynamic too much, but the Warlock’s class ability in conjunction with that of the Titan affords extra survivability. With the tanky ability to create walls as well as a pool that can be set to healing, you’ll have a team that isn’t easy to put down, which can really help when defending a bomb.

A Hunter during Countdown is great for offensive pushes, as long as you keep in mind that they can be squishy. Yet with support from the other classes, you can create opportunities for them to do what they do best (get into tight places and cause some havoc). When you play with strangers there’s always that chance of ending up in a team that isn’t well balanced, which can create a problem. So, whenever possible, choose your team.

Create Choke Points

Destiny 2: Countdown Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

The maps in Destiny 2 are a lot like those in the first game. They offer multiple points of entry to each area, plenty of hiding spots, and powerful vantage points. Thanks to the new class specific abilities, though, you can exhibit a bit of your own control over these areas, something that really comes in handy during Countdown matches.

When a bomb is planted, a timer begins. The attacking team must defuse that bomb or else they lose, even if they kill everyone on the defending team. You can use this situation to your favor by controlling how the defending team enters your bomb area. Using the titan’s wall, you can completely block a specific passage, forcing the enemy team to go around, where you’ll have another player ready to pick them off like fish in a barrel.

Everyone Knows If You Have a Super or Not, Use That to Your Advantage

Destiny 2: Countdown Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

One new thing that Bungie decided to not only do for Countdown, but for all Destiny 2 Crucible modes, is provide an information bar on the top of the screen that lets you know when a player has their super, and what super they have. This may seem like a small addition, but it really changes the level of mind games you can play with your opponents.

When you get your super, whether it be the Arcstrider’s staff, the Dawnblade’s flaming swords, or the Striker’s evolution into an electrified juggernaut, it will pop up on the top of the screen. That can either make you a target or a person to be avoided, both of which can be used to steer players to exactly where you want them.

If you’re being pursued, lead the enemy towards an ambush where your allies can pick them off. Alternatively, you can use the knowledge of your super, especially if it’s one that covers a wide area, to flush out players. If a bomb is planted in a small room, the defending team may not want to fight you in there, and they’ll be forced to flank you outside, which is the perfect opportunity to set up a trap. Remember, you don’t have to actually use a super to be dangerous when you have one.

Remember, This Is Very Much a Team Mode

Destiny 2: Countdown Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Of all the competitive modes that require players to really work together in Destiny 2, Countdown currently reigns as chief. Countdown is not designed for lone wolves. While it is possible to be a hero and take out an enemy team on your own, that usually doesn’t work well against players who know what they’re doing. All it will do is get you killed and leave your team shorthanded as your orb hovers in enemy turf, unable to be tended to.

Communicate with your Fireteam, figure out who’s going where and doing what before running off on your own. Figure out flank positions, make note of who’s going to be a decoy or lead an aggressive push and so on. The team that think together in Countdown usually wins, and that means more experience and more rewards for you and your team. Of course, if you catch an enemy team sleeping, give them their comeuppance, just don’t become a liability.
With these tips you’ll find yourself ruling Destiny 2’s brand new mode with ease.

Good luck, Guardians, and may Lord Shaxx be pleased with your efforts.

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