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How to Get a Destiny 2 Beta Code


How to Get a Destiny 2 Beta Code

How to Get a Destiny 2 Beta Code

The Destiny 2 Beta is right around the corner as it’s set to go live on PS4 and Xbox One next week. To make next week a bit easier, Bungie is even offering the opportunity to preload the incoming demo. However, although you can preload it, you can’t actually play it until July 18 at the earliest, which is when the closed beta goes live on the PS4. In order to access that, though, you need a Destiny 2 Beta code, which allows players to start the closed beta on their platform of choice when it goes live.

In order to get a Destiny 2 Beta code, you simply have to pre-order the game. Those who pre-order digitally will be granted automatic access to the closed beta, so you don’t have to worry. Those who ordered online or from a participating retailer were given codes to turn into Bungie (your receipt will have the instructions). You’ll then receive an email to pick your platform which will provide you codes for that specific platform (pick the wrong console and you’re out of luck).

Another way to get a Destiny 2 Beta code is to cross your fingers and hope to get one from a friend or Bungie’s own social media. They gave out codes for Bungie Day, and will most likely be giving out more when it’s time to go live, so definitely keep an eye out on them. If you don’t get a Destiny 2 Beta code, you’re not completely out of the running for some demo fun. Destiny 2 will have an open beta that starts on July 21 and runs until the end of the beta period. Everyone will be able to log in at that time whether they had a code or not.

That’s all you need to do to get your hands on a Destiny 2 Beta code. Safe travels, Guardians.

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