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What’s New In Valkyria Revolution? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New In Valkyria Revolution? Everything You Need to Know

Not the Valkyria you’re used to.

A Brand New Story and World

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Valkyria Chronicles has seen three different entries at this point: one on PS3 and two on the Vita. While all three of these titles are technically in the same world they remain largely unrelated with self-contained stories. Valkyria Revolution, however, cuts all ties by putting things in a brand new world, with new characters, nations, lore, and more.

This means that it’s a brand new experience for fans of the series, and anyone unfamiliar with Valkyria doesn’t have to worry about jumping straight into Valyria Revolution. The game still retains many of the themes and story ideas that are integral to the series, however, with a small country going to war with a large empire. You play as the Vanagard, an elite anti-Valkyria unit in the military of Jutland, which is a small country in the south of Europa. After being put on an economic blockade, Jutland decides to go to war with the Ruzi Empire, the main instigator of the blockade.

Whereas Valkyria Chronicles echoed the era of World War II with a twist, Valkryia Revolution is a fantasy infused version of the industrial revolution. Themes of war, liberation, patriotism, and more all weave into the story of Revolution and the big emphasis of the game is still on storytelling and character development.

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