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4 Ways Assassin’s Creed Origins Is Revitalizing the Franchise


4 Ways Assassin’s Creed Origins Is Revitalizing the Franchise

A step into the past to bring us to the future of Assassin’s Creed.

Assassin’s Creed Origins was officially unveiled this week at E3 2017. We finally got to see our assassin walk through the streets of Egypt in a way that wasn’t through some leaked, blurry image or video. Ubisoft proudly displayed the next iteration of the series, after it had taken a long overdue break away from the annual releases and constant, but valid, criticisms. And you know what? It looks like that time was exactly what the franchise needed in order to truly spread its wings.

After checking the game out it’s clear that the developers are serious about making Assassin’s Creed Origins their crown jewel and putting the series back on the top of gaming lists where it belongs. At first, you can’t really tell just how different things are this time around, especially if you only watch the announcement trailer which shows gameplay but keeps everything in the vein of what most players already know. But, after checking it out in more depth, it begins to show a core that is an evolution of everything that came before it, yet still, maintains its identity as the series millions of fans have fallen in love with over the past decade. It all starts with the story.

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