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Top 10 Best Selling RPGs of This Generation


Top 10 Best Selling RPGs of This Generation

The RPGs that have set the industry on fire.

10) Nioh – 1 Million Units Sold

nioh, souls

There was a time when Nioh didn’t look as though it would ever see the light of day. Originally conceived 15 years before its release, Nioh was stuck in a development hell that few games ever recover from. But after a total rehaul by Team Ninja, the revamped version piqued the interest of the gaming community when a gameplay trailer exploded onto Sony’s E3 press conference. It wasn’t hard to see why, either: after the meteoric success of Bloodborne, the prospect of a Souls-like with distinctly Onimusha vibes had players giddy with anticipation.

That enthusiasm translated into some stunning sales figures — Nioh eclipsed 1 million sales just two weeks after launch. That early flurry of success was enough to see it join the ranks of the most popular RPGs of the generation. Although we don’t have hard data beyond those figures, after 4 months, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nioh was well on its way to achieving a second million.

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