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Pokemon GO: How to Get and Level Up Gym Badges


Pokemon GO: How to Get and Level Up Gym Badges


Gym badges are a staple of the Pokemon games and the original series of the anime. They are also an important part of the significant new Pokemon GO gym update.

However, unlike the games and anime, you do not have to actually battle any trainers or Pokemon to get your gyms badges. To get them, all you need to do is spin the Poke Stop disc, and the badge for that specific gym will be added to your collection. To see what gym badges you have, head to the area at the top of the awards section of your trainer’s profile.

What level your gym badge is impacts what items you get from spinning the gym’s disc. Badges have four levels: basic, bronze, silver, and gold, and you can level them up by interacting with gyms in any way. The level will begin to increase when you spin the gym’s disc, battle any Pokemon stationed there, or heal Pokemon with Razzberries. You can check the progress of your gym’s level by looking at the small blue bar underneath the badge in your character’s profile. It is best to level up gyms that you visit frequently because it will result in you getting better items drops more regularly. If you expect to only visit a particular gym once, there isn’t really any need to spend time levelling it up.

There is no limit to the number of gym badges your character can posses, and with the addition of new gyms as part of the update, you will be finding a lot on your travels.

That is how you get gym badges in Pokemon GO and how you level them up. For more on the game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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