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5 Ways Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Different From Any Other Game in the Series


5 Ways Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Different From Any Other Game in the Series

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Bandai Namco has already won over the fighting game community with the announcement of its new fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ. Before you start rolling your eyes and dismissing the upcoming title, keep in mind that this is finally a true fighting game with Dragon Ball Z heroes at the helm. The game clearly pulls inspiration from the likes of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, which is no surprise considering the game is coming from the same developers. The fast-paced 2D fighter offers similar mechanics and even style while also incorporating some of the best elements from other popular fighters like Marvel V. Capcom.

Doubters of this game should be forewarned that this game looks promising enough to quickly make its way to the esports circuit and possibly top the sales of even some of the most dominant fighting games around. Think about it, it has already garnered support from two large communities—the fighting game community and the Dragon Ball community. Once casual gamers and general enthusiasts are included, it seems like this game may be poised to put out some serious numbers. Despite there being tons of Dragon Ball Z fighters in the past, this title introduces quite a few firsts that has gamers eager to finally get their hands on it. From meter management to a more dynamic character roster, these reasons explain exactly why FGC players and Dragon Ball fans are so exciting for the upcoming release.

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