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Top 5 Final Fantasy Locations We Want to See in Dissidia NT


Top 5 Final Fantasy Locations We Want to See in Dissidia NT

These beautiful landmarks should also become battlefields.

Figaro Castle (Final Fantasy VI)

Figaro Castle debuted in Final Fantasy VI as a home to character Edgar Roni Figaro and his people located in the middle of the desert. The area is known widely for being a technologically advanced nation as well as being the most dominant force in the northern continent. Appearance-wise, Figaro Castle takes its inspiration from traditional medieval structures but also contains unique features like turbines that run through the turrets.

Judging by its architecture and location, the castle contains enough space and dynamics to become a stage in Dissidia NT. The fights would take place on the outer side of the castle wherein players would weave through the structures and the sand. As for the stage transformation, the castle would slowly begin to rumble and descend with a sandstorm enveloping the area. The turbines would also begin to spin, giving some new life to Figaro Castle.

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