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Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court: How to Cure the Crimson Curse


Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court: How to Cure the Crimson Curse

The bloodlust is real.

How to Cure the Crimson Curse in Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court

The Crimson Curse is a brand new mechanic introduced in Darkest Dungeon’s Crimson Court DLC. It’s a deadly disease that your heroes can contract when they’re exposed to specific attacks from the new enemy types in the Courtyard. If the disease procs during a battle, you’ll be informed of it, and your hero’s stats will be lowered. They’ll also be more susceptible to Bleed, Blight, and Stun effects. So yeah, it’s bad news.

There’s no single item that you can use to completely cure your heroes of the Crimson Curse either. As you progress through the dungeons, you’ll get random drops of a new item called the Blood. You can give this to your cursed heroes to strengthen them a bit, but this won’t get rid of the Crimson Curse. You should also keep in mind that your heroes can go insane if they haven’t had Blood in a long while, or if you’ve been overfeeding them with the stuff. Give them the Blood in balanced amounts, and you should be fine.

Another thing to take note of is that if you put a cursed hero and a normal hero together in a stress relief building or the Sanitarium, there’s a chance that your normal hero could get infected with the Crimson Curse as well, so watch out for that.

You will eventually be able to cure the Crimson Curse completely, but this can only be done by progressing through the Courtyard dungeons (where all the new, blood-sucking enemy types are) until you trigger an event that lets you get rid of it.

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