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The Best Tekken Games, All 15 Ranked (Worst to Best)


The Best Tekken Games, All 15 Ranked (Worst to Best)

Which is really the King of Iron First?

Tekken has been around for awhile. This iconic fighting game has had its ups and downs, that’s for sure. Luckily, we have you covered if you’re wondering which ones are the ups and which ones are the downs. Here are the best Tekken games, all 15 of them ranked from worst to best. Please note that this list does not include Tekken Resolute, or the 1999 title Tekken Card Challenge, as they only released in Japan. Once you’re done reading this list, though, let us know down below which one is your favorite!

Best Tekken Games (Worst to Best)

15. Tekken Card Tournament

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Tekken got transformed into a turn-based card game back in 2013, resulting in Tekken Card Tournament, which also had its own set of physical cards which could be scanned into the game. Each player has a deck of 15 cards and these must be used in order to either Strike your opponent or Block their incoming card attacks. It sounds way more complicated than it really is, but there’s a level of strategy here which was actually pretty darn fun.

The problem is, however, that Card Tournament is a free-to-play game and its microtransactions make getting properly engrossed in the game far more difficult than the overall payout is worth. Add in connection problems and you’ve got a nice idea that lacked the required execution.

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