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Conquer Overwatch’s New Low Gravity Brawl With These 5 Heroes and 1 Ult


Conquer Overwatch’s New Low Gravity Brawl With These 5 Heroes and 1 Ult

Gold medal guaranteed.


The Low Gravity brawl could very well be the Overwatch team’s way of apologizing to Symmetra for making her a borderline useless hero when the game first launched. Now, for a limited time, she is essentially a must pick for any team going into the Low Gravity brawl. Symmetra’s homing beam can be frustrating to deal with in a standard match but in Law Gravity mode it becomes something that’s extremely difficult to escape. In a standard match, Symmetra’s limited mobility is what prevents her from easily melting any enemy she comes across. When Low Gravity gives her the ability hop around the map with ease, you just have to grit your teeth and hope for the best once you hear the sound of a microwave close by.

In addition to easily being able to close the gap between enemies and hook her homing beam on to them, Symmetra also has far more options for where she will place her sentry turrets. Keep in mind that while players can alter their direction while in the air, they can’t change the fact that they will continue falling slowly. Placing the turrets on high points near the objective will provide an unpleasant surprise for enemies who tried to hop over your team’s defenses to get on the point. For most characters in Overwatch, getting caught by two turrets at once while in the air will leave their health bar depleted before they can even touch the ground.

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