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4 Ways Fire Emblem Warriors Stays True to the FE Series

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4 Ways Fire Emblem Warriors Stays True to the FE Series

The best of both worlds

Team Up Characters By Using the Link System

Fire Emblem Warriors is certainly the most different a Fire Emblem game has ever been, but it still retains some classic elements from the tactical franchise. Of course, the focus is on action-packed combat, but we managed to get our hands on the game at E3 and find out just how the game weaves in a bit of strategy.

Fire Emblem Awakening introduced a revolutionary new link system to the series that let you team up two units into one pair that works together in order to increase their attack and defense power. Fire Emblem Warriors has the exact same feature surprisingly, letting you team up your player character with a nearby ally into one powerful pair with significantly boosted attack power. This changes the combos and special moves you’re able to use, and you can even swap between the two paired units in the middle of a combo. It’s honestly incredibly simple to pair units as well, as once you’re in the vicinity of an ally simply hit the right trigger and then the Y button to pair them up.

Teaming up with allies in Fire Emblem Warriors is certainly what you want to do, as it completely powers up your units and gives you even more ridiculous combos to destroy your enemies with.

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