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What’s New in Injustice 2? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Injustice 2? Everything You Need to Know

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Gear System

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A new gear system has been added into Injustice 2 that allows you to improve your characters with gear that affects their abilities. You get the gear from Mother Boxes that are earned in-game in a variety of ways. The gear you earn improves characters in four areas: strength, ability, defense, and health.

Not only will you receive perks for equipping a full set of a single type of gear, but certain gear provides other augmentations, such as the ability to earn more in-game currency from fights or reduce damage received from stage transitions. Gear will also link to classic versions of characters and famous storylines from their respective comic books. The drop rate for high-quality gear is pretty frequent, so you’ll always be switching up what you have to find the best combination as you play through Injustice 2.

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