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Top 8 Most Memorable Mario Boss Fights


Top 8 Most Memorable Mario Boss Fights

Mario’s fought some interesting foes over the years.


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Super Mario 64 was the first Mario game to utilize three-dimensional (3D) graphics, which also means that this was the first game to feature a boss fight in a 3D space with the beloved villain that is Bowser. There was such a strong lead-up to this final fight in Super Mario 64. The entrance to Bowser’s ‘”lair” was at the end of a long, long hallway that wouldn’t let you pass through unless you had a certain number of stars. If you didn’t have the required number, Mario would fall through the floor and get pushed back to the front entrance.

Once you get into Bowser’s stage, this is the moment when all of your platforming skills get put to the test. You’ll far-jump, triple-jump, and get through the fiery lava pits to finally reach the Turtle King, Bowser. The big arena is the final face-off between Mario and the monster that kidnapped the beloved Princess Peach. The battle has Mario running behind Bowser and grabbing his pointy little tail, by which he then proceeds to spin Bowser around in a circle attempting to toss his butt into one of the spiky explosive bombs that lie around the edges of the arena (smart design choice, Bowser).

Once you get three hits in, the battle is over and the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom get back to their happy little lives. What makes this Bowser battle in Super Mario 64 so memorable is not the actual fight itself but the entire sequence of events that happen leading up to it.

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