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The Surge: How to Get More Blueprints


The Surge: How to Get More Blueprints

Crafting fodder.

Getting More Blueprints in The Surge

In The Surge, the key to getting better armor and implants is by obtaining more blueprints that allow you to craft them. By targeting specific enemy body parts, you have a chance of obtaining a blueprint of the armor they were wearing, which allows you to create it for yourself.

All you have to do is fight an enemy wearing a piece of armor that you want, and then target that part of its body. For instance, if you need armor for your right leg, target the enemy’s right leg (the enemy has to have armor equipped on that part of its body), and then strike it until you get the prompt to perform your finishing slice. By focusing your attacks on a particular limb, you increase the chances of obtaining the blueprint for that armor piece, and the same goes for obtaining enemy weapons as well.

Occasionally, you might also stumble across blueprints lying around the world. Once you have a blueprint and the necessary materials for it, head back to the closest medbay and use the crafting station to manufacture your new gear.

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