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The Surge: How to Craft Armor


The Surge: How to Craft Armor

DIY equipment.

Crafting Armor in The Surge

Armor can be a bit hard to come by in The Surge, and if you really want to beef up your defense, your best bet is to craft your armor pieces yourself. First off, you’ll need a blueprint to work with. Armor blueprints can be obtained easily from enemies by targeting their limbs and hacking them off. For instance, you can get a blueprint for a chest piece by targeting an enemy’s armored chest, and then using the finisher move on them. If you manage to snag a blueprint, the game will inform you of that.

Next, you’ll need crafting materials to actually create the armor. Material drops can be found as item pickups all over the world, and they can also be farmed from specific enemies. To check the material requirements, go to the nearest medbay and use the crafting station to view the blueprint details. After you’ve gotten all the materials you need, head back to the crafting station, select the blueprint of the armor piece you want to craft, and select it.

After that, just head into your menu and equip the new piece of armor. Just make sure you have enough core power for it.

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