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The Surge: How to Gain Experience and Level Up


The Surge: How to Gain Experience and Level Up

Core power distribution.

Gaining Experience and Leveling Up in The Surge

The Surge is an action RPG, so naturally, there’ll be RPG elements like gaining experience points and helping your character to level up. In this game, the process of leveling up works a little differently from how you’d expect.

First off, defeating an enemy in the game will give you a certain amount of Tech Scrap, which you can see in the bottom right corner of the screen. After you accumulate enough Tech Scrap, you’ll want to go back to the nearest medbay to rest, and see if you’re able to upgrade your exo-suit’s core power. The amount of Tech Scrap needed to increase your core power will go up as you continue to level up. With each level, you gain additional power in your exo-suit, which means that you can equip more and more pieces of armor and weapons, and also install more implants.

When you examine your gear and implants, you’ll see that each of them has a core power cost. To maximize your exo-suit’s potential and equip more powerful gear, you’ll need to level up and get more core power. Do note that leveling up your core power doesn’t actually increase your stats; that can only be achieved by installing better implants to boost your health, or equipping better gear to boost your offense and defense. Again, this can only be achieved with sufficient core power, so level up when you can.

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