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5 Sports That Need the NBA Playgrounds Treatment


5 Sports That Need the NBA Playgrounds Treatment

Another FIFA Street?


fifa street

The FIFA Street series was hugely popular, if not praised critically, during the PlayStation 2 and Xbox generation. It saw two teams of five players take each other on in matches of street soccer, but standard soccer wasn’t really the focus. The insane tricks and freestyle dribbling were what fans attempted to master. Certain players were able to perform more spectacular tricks and some were better at tackling and shooting, much like the players in NBA Playground. The franchise disappeared as the core FIFA series evolved and after the underwhelming 2012 reboot.

A soccer version of NBA Playgrounds would work much like FIFA Street did. Lottery Picks could range from powerful shots or more spectacular freestyle tricks. You’ll unlock the main players from every world famous club and legends will be able to do the best tricks. You could even mix in a rating style similar to that of FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, something that many soccer fans are familiar with. Since NBA Playgrounds morphed from the memories of NBA Jam and NBA Street, the same could happen successfully with FIFA Street.

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