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Everything We Know About Sonic Forces So Far


Everything We Know About Sonic Forces So Far

The blue blur returns.

The Hedgehog 2 Engine Looks Stunning

Sonic Forces, Sonic the Hedgehog

Running on the new Hedgehog 2 engine, Sega’s upcoming Sonic Forces is the most graphically accomplished Sonic game ever made. Watching a hands-off behind-closed-doors gameplay presentation at EGX Rezzed in London, we were able to get a much closer look at the detail that has gone into its design. Slowing gameplay to a halt and panning around the level, product manager Jim Dyer explained that Forces boasts a level of fidelity never before seen in a Sonic game. Features such as real-time water reflections, particle effects, and vibrant lighting certainly bring 3D Sonic into the current generation.

Dyer also made special mention of obstacles such as cones having their own special physics, reacting realistically in a manner one wouldn’t normally expect to see in a fast-paced 3D platformer. We were told that the concept designing a Sonic game with such a high level of detail wasn’t just about making it current-gen worthy though, it was about building an immersive world.

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