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10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Actually Good For Your Health


10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Actually Good For Your Health

The best medicine ever.

Video Games Can Help Improve Your Social Skills

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That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps one of the oldest stereotypes about the gaming community is that it is filled with a bunch of anti-social people who live in the darkest corner of their mother’s basement. Research published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, however, suggests that that stereotype is all wrong. Shocker.

Almost any avid gamer will tell you that diving into gaming culture is an incredibly social experience that encourages interaction with others. From the years of arcade culture (where gamers literally came together under one roof to enjoy playing video games) to modern online gaming (where players are encouraged to interact with other players in chat rooms), the gaming culture actually helps pull some anti-social people out of reclusive behavior. Researchers also discovered that gamers are likely to become more social by watching and interacting with their peers who are also playing video games. Again, shocker.

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