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Prey: How to Get All Weapons


Prey: How to Get All Weapons

How to Get All Weapons in Prey

There are a lot of weapons to get in Prey, each with their own unique way of dealing with enemies. From the melee Wrench to wicked sniper rifles, Prey has plenty to be excited about. Of course, you must first find the weapons if you want to use them.

Wrench – The first weapon you get, you’ll find it on the dead body of an engineer in the hallway near your apartment. This is after the craziness with the coffee mug, when you wake up as if nothing happened.

Gloo Cannon – You can find this weapon first in the woman’s bathroom when you reach the main lobby. Or you can find it inside the Neuromod Division Foyer (it’s on the floor near the body when you first enter the area). Ammo can be crafted for this weapon as long as you have the proper plan (which is found in the Talos-I lobby within Morgana’s safe).

Disruptor Stun Gun – Second floor of the Neuromod Division Foyer (the place where you get the first of your Neuromods). Search the dead body that’s laying near some crates for it.

Shotgun – You have to spots where you can find this weapon. One is inside the Security Office in the main lobby. The other is on a corpse in the Neuromod Division (Nash Underwood).

Huntress Boltcaster – Head to the Sales Division from the main lobby and check behind Kelly Randolph’s desk. You can also find a Fabrication Plan for this weapon in Caleb Hawthorne’s computer in Neuromod Division Level 1.

Silenced Pistol – Stealthy weapons are always worthwhile. You can find this useful firearm in the Teleconferencing Center on Elias Black. Or you can find it on your desk (neat) in the Talos-I executive office.

We’ll be sure to continuously update this guide as we find more of Prey’s powerful weapons. In the meantime, be sure to check out our wiki for anything else you may need.

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