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Prey: Does It Have Multiplayer?


Prey: Does It Have Multiplayer?

Does Prey Have Multiplayer?

Arkane Studios’ Prey is out now and while you’re no doubt working your way through the single player portion of the game, you many be wondering if there is a multiplayer mode for you to sink your teeth into once you’ve finished.

Unfortunately, the short answer to that is that there isn’t. The developer said that a multiplayer mode would have been too much of an undertaking for them – one that would have needed a much larger team. In an interview, lead designer Ricardo Bare said, “Adding multiplayer to a game is a massive endeavor. Our team would have to be much bigger, or we’d need to take much longer to make the game to support something like that. That’s just not somewhere we wanted to go for Prey.”

Thankfully, there is more than enough content for you to sink your teeth into in the single player mode of Prey. There is obviously the main story, but there is also side missions and an incredibly interesting world to explore. It is unlikely that you’ll be hungry for a multiplayer mode for quite some time.

For any other tips, tricks, or guides you may need for Prey, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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