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Prey: How to Get Typhon Alien Abilities and Superpowers


Prey: How to Get Typhon Alien Abilities and Superpowers

Become more than human.

Getting Typhon Abilities and Superpowers in Prey

Prey allows you to wield weapons to fight back against the alien invasion, but Morgan can also learn various Typhon abilities to defend him or herself.

First off, before you can start obtaining cool alien superpowers, you’ll need to get the Psychoscope. This piece of equipment can be obtained by playing through the game naturally, and you’ll obtain it in Psychotronics. After getting your hands on the Psychoscope, you’ll then need to research the Typhon abilities that you can learn by scanning the aliens around the space station. All you have to do is equip the Psychoscope, and then scan any enemies you may come across during your exploration.

After you’ve scanned the aliens for their abilities, Morgan can then learn and equip them through the Neuromods function. Like your ordinary abilities, there are active and passive Typhon skills as well. However, be careful with installing too many Typhon abilities. If you install more than two at a time, the turrets around the space station won’t recognize you as a human being and will start to shoot at you. You might also draw the attention of other deadlier, and even more powerful aliens lurking around.

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