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Prey: Where to Find More Ammo


Prey: Where to Find More Ammo

Where to Find More Ammo in Prey

As you explore the quiet corridors and grand halls of Talos I in Prey, you’ll come across a ton of Typhon just waiting to make you their next victim. Of course, you’re not completely defenseless in Prey, with a whole host of melee and ranged weapons to help you along the way. There is the problem of ammo, though, and it’s not the most common thing to find lying around the space station. Fortunately, there are a few places you’ll tend to find more ammo in Prey, so we’re here to give you a quick rundown.

First things first, be sure to check every single enemy body once they’re defeated. As in most other games, Prey rewards you for engaging in combat with the potential reward of additional ammo. It only takes a second, too, so make sure you check every last one.

The next places you’ll want to check is on any desk, counter or bar that you see in Talos I. Similar to Fallout 4, Prey’s ammo tends to be on work surfaces or other areas that people may have often frequented. They also like to stash things away under their office desks, too, so definitely give them a thorough inspection.

Finally, depending on exactly what rounds you’re after, you can craft more simply by using a Fabricator. Use the Recycler if you haven’t got the required materials to turn junk items into convenient resources. These are dotted around Talos I, so you should never be too far from one. It’s worth noting that you can’t craft all ammo in a Fabricator (at least, you can’t at the start of the game), so remember to use what ammo you do have sparingly.

If we find any more common places to find ammo in Prey, we’ll be sure to update this and let you know. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.

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