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Prey: The Best Neuromods & Skills for Different Playstyles


Prey: The Best Neuromods & Skills for Different Playstyles

The Best Neuromods and Skills in Prey

There are a lot of Neuromods available for players in Prey, making it difficult to choose where to spend your resources. It becomes even tougher once you see how expensive things can get in the game. To help you out we’re going to list the best Neuromods you should invest in, whether they’re one-off skills or entire branches, to give you a nice advantage on your adventure. To help you out, we’re going to break it down by playstyle, starting with Exploration.


Best Neuromods in Prey

There are many different ways to play Prey, one of which is as an explorer. These are the types of players who try to get into every nook and cranny of the Talos-I space station and prefer to find safe routes rather than constantly be at odds with the various enemies present in the game. Below, you’ll find the best skills along with their cost and a quick description of what they do for you. Of course, you’re free to invest in other Neuromods, but these will help you the most for this playstyle.

Scientist Neuromods Tree

Hacking Branch (4 skills with a total cost of 19) – There are a lot of locked doors, safes, and computers that can house useful information, resources, and items. If you like to explore but don’t like backtracking a ton, hacking will definitely help you out. We must stress that if you plan on using guides, though, you can safely avoid investing in this skill.

Engineer Neuromods Tree

Leverage Branch (11) – A lot of passageways are blocked by large items such as shelves, refrigerators, computers, and equipment crates. Leverage allows you to easily move these items, making exploration a lot simpler. You’ll also have the added bonus of throwing objects at enemies for damage.

Repair I (1) – This will allow you to fix broken Grav Shafts so you can move through them.

Conditioning Neuromods Tree

Mobility I & II (9) – Increases your movement speed and lets you jump very high. 

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