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Prey: Best Engineer Neuromods to Invest In


Prey: Best Engineer Neuromods to Invest In

Best Engineer Neuromods in Prey

The Engineer Neruomods in Prey focus mostly on how you interact with the world as well as helping out with crafting. These skills are definitely for those who want to make the most out of everything Talos-I has to offer, whether that be its rundown robotics, electrical systems, or machinery. The best perks focus on making life easier for all playstyles.

Leverage Skills – Honestly, this is one of my favorite skill branches under Engineer Neuromods for two reasons. The first is that it lets you move heavy things to create platforms or reveal hidden passageways and areas (which is always fun). The second is that it adds damage to thrown items, meaning you can start beating enemies to death with refrigerators, toasters, phones, you name it. If you’re more of a gun person and don’t care much about exploration, though, you can give this one a pass.

Suit Modification Skills – Increase your inventory and unlock more chipset slots, what’s not to like?

Dismantle – This is definitely useful for those who like to repair things. It allows you to break down items to make more Spare Parts and recover some from Operators that have been destroyed.

Repair I & II – While this won’t appeal to everyone, being able to fix up useful machines and have turrets fight for you can definitely help if you find yourself in a pinch.

Materials Expert – More resources from recycling.

Lab Tech or Gunsmith – Gunsmith allows for the upgrading of standard security weapons you find while playing Prey, while Lab Tech allows for the upgrading of non-standard tech weapons. Depending on which you prefer, you may want to invest in one of these branches.

And they’re our picks for the best Engineer Neuromods in Prey. For more on Prey, be sure to check out our wiki.

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