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Prey: All Neuromods and What They Do


Prey: All Neuromods and What They Do

All Neuromods in Prey

There are a lot of Neuromods in Prey. These are essentially different stat buffs and abilities that you can apply to Morgan in order to give yourself an edge while exploring the Talos-I space station. There are a lot to choose from, though they aren’t free and you’ll need to collect Neuromod injections to unlock them. Below, you’ll find every single one available, along with their cost (in parentheses) as well as a quick description of what they do for you.

Scientist Neuromods

All Neuromods in Prey

The Scientist tree has two branches (Physician and Hacking) which help to give an edge during exploration and survival. Physician focuses on working on your own body as well as gaining something extra from those twisted Typhons. Hacking lets you… well, hack.


Physician I (1) – Medkits are now 50% more effective.

Physician II (3) – The effectiveness of Medkits is increased to 300%

Metabolic Boost (2) – Doubles the duration of the Well Fed bonus and health gained by eating.

Necropsy (4) – Recover more valuable organs from Typhon corpses which can then be recycled for exotic material (used in fabrication of Neuromods).


Hacking I (1) – Able to bypass Level 1 security.

Hacking II (4) – Level 2 security now hackable.

Hacking III (6) – Level 3 can’t stop you.

Hacking IV (8) – Level 4 security measures on computers and robotic systems can now be bypassed.

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