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Injustice 2: Story and Endings Explained


Injustice 2: Story and Endings Explained

Injustice 2’s Opening

Injustice 2 Story and Endings

injustice 2

This article will be covering the single-player story of Injustice 2 with spoilers. If you really want to experience the narrative for yourself, we suggest turning back now. If you’re just curious to see what happens with Earth’s powerful defenders and the vicious villains they fight, then read on.

Injustice 2 opens with a story many fans of the DC universe will know quite well. It’s the destruction of Krypton, an event that sent a swaddled, alien baby to Earth where he would grow to become a shining symbol of hope and justice, Superman. The opening isn’t just about the Man of Steel, though. You get to see a young woman who is quickly revealed to be Kara Zor-El, Superman’s older cousin and the future Supergirl.

The opening is also a moment to share what’s to come for the heroes in the present day. Huge ships shaped like mechanical skulls are crashing through the clouds and from them spill out horrifying cybernetic beings that are killing everyone in sight. They are led by a cruel alien known as Brainiac. That name is fitting for this monster because he values knowledge above all else. He collects specimens from different races, entire cities, and even planets. When he has what he wants he destroys the rest without any hesitation.

As Kara is frightened, her mother shows her a ship that was built by her uncle. An identical one was made for her cousin so that they can travel to a planet called Earth to escape Brainiac’s onslaught. As they fly through space, the destruction of Krypton, of their home, sends Kara’s vessel careening off course as a young Superman maintains his pace towards his new home.

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